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We feature a wide variety of Holistic professionals from around the Hartford area. Our event facility at Hands on Hartford, includes a Treatment Room, Vendor Room and Cafe.

Enjoy reiki,  chair massage, tarot card readings and more.  On site, we also have local food artisans, artists, live performances and teachings throughout the day.


vo2go logo alternate Vo2Go Vegan Meals is a featured Pop-Up during our Equinox Celebrations. Enjoy delicious, locally sourced, vegan meals served at the Cafe at Fifty Five at Hands on Hartford.  Visit Vo2Go online or on facebook @vo2go

inner balance reiki Maryann Lonergan, Inner Balance Reiki, is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher who has been healing and teaching in the Rocky Hill area for 10 years. 

She became interested in Reiki during her Mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  Over the years, she has taught over 150 students and provided healing to more than 1300 individuals.

Maryann’s down to earth perspective and kind teaching methods create a wonderful environment for folks to learn, to heal and to find their best self. 

Come visit Maryann at the Metaphysical Market in June; she will be offering mini Reiki sessions and discussing the wonderful benefits of brining Reiki into your life.

Feel free to visit or find her on facebook @innerbalancereiki.  She also hosts monthly Reiki shares for those who are Reiki attuned and interested in exploring their abilities.  

Inner Balance Reiki- 35 Cold Spring Road, Bldg 100, Suite 124  Rocky Hill, CT 

robin anderson Robin Anderson, Intuitive Healing and Massage LLC  provides Holistic Therapy for Women living with the Chronic Pain of stress and Anxiety in Glastonbury, CT

By using massage therapy, energy healing and other spiritual methods including crystal therapy, aromatherapy, chakra balancing and intuitive readings, Robin works with you to create a plan to help you leave the pain, stress or anxiety behind, connect with your inner wisdom and get you back in balance. Spiritual healing is less about temporarily feeling good and more about revealing and releasing the cause of the discomfort, opening the door to true healing.
“My journey as a healer started in 2011 when I became a Reiki practitioner to help me manage the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia, considered to be one of the most painful afflictions known to medical practice. I started to help others deal with stress and pain with Reiki and noticed my intuition really opened up doing this work. I am consistently working on my own healing. My life experiences have given me an understanding about emotional and physical pain, finding my source of peace and releasing fears that kept me from moving forward in my life. It’s a process and it is never complete. I don’t have all the answers, let’s be clear on that. I am not a psychologist or any sort of mental health professional. I have a compassionate heart and want to help you move toward inner peace.”
Visit Robin at the Metaphysical Market in June where she will be providing crystal arm and hand massages.
For more information or to schedule time with Robin-

SAMSUNG Kim Brown, owner of Renew with Kim, is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, Certified AromaTouch Technique, Symphony of the Cells, Holistic Nutritional Health Coach, LMT, and Reiki Master.

Gifts of the Earth with Simple, Natural, Pure, Solutions!
Kim’s interest in holistic health began many years ago as she searched for alternative options to help her two sons who have learning disabilities; her youngest having a neurological disorder. It was her desire to find other options for helping her family lead a healthier life without the use of medications where possible. She’s been on this journey for over 30 years and is always available help assist others with finding the balance between traditional and holistic healing options.
Kim’s calm relaxed and caring demeanor helps folks to open up during her private or public classes. She helps many families with a wide range of insight from everyday health issues to chronic conditions. She has taught at local hospitals, cancer centers, salt rooms, retirement residential communities, and private home classes/parties! The classes vary from topics like asthma and allergies, sleep and stress, pain and inflammation, Sip & Soaks, digestion and many more.
Come visit Kim at the Metaphysical Marketplace, she will be offering iTovi scans, essential oils, blends, or to answer any questions you may have!
Visit Kim’s website at or find her on Facebook at Essential Health Styles. You may contact Kim at or 774-289-6823 to schedule a wellness consult today.

melissa Melissa Anne Creations makes Reiki Charged Crystal Candles. Each Candle is made with love and light to bring positive healing energy to your home.

Visit Melissa Anne Creations at the Metaphysical Market on June 22nd or contact her online and on facebook @MelissaAnneCreations

joan Joan Witherell of Simply Peaceful Healing LLC is an Angel & Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki and Certified Life Coach and Hypnotist. Joan has been learning, experiencing and growing in her spirituality and the healing arts for more than 25 years.

Her passion is sharing with others the greatness of energy healing, motivating and inspiring people to reach their life’s purpose.
Joan intuitively tunes into the cards as she gives her loving Angel & Tarot Readings. The cards acknowledge and validate situations in your life and helps bring clarity to the questions you may have about Love, Money, Career and Relationships. Joan’s Readings are inspirational and the cards will always reveal the right answers for you.
Visit Joan Metaphysical Market on June 22nd where she will be providing Angel and Tarot card readings or contact her on facebook- SimplyPeacefulHealing

stven adelstein sandro vernali Steven Adelstein & Sandro Vernali: Believe in the Magick: Magickal Healing Shop

We all need to believe in something...As hair stylists for 30 years and salon owners for 20, we are extremely passionate about providing our customers with beauty products that not only make you look fabulous but will enhance your healthy lifestyle: mind, body & spirit. Let the beauty in nature bring out the beauty within you.

Steven’s Story:
After spending more than half of my life on highly addictive medications to treat anxiety and depression, I decided to stop. While working one day in our salon, a coworker addressed the struggle I was having with withdrawal symptoms. She offered to let me wear her healing stone necklace. Unfamiliar with the concept, I didn’t believe they would help at all. At that point, I was so desperate for relief I was willing to try anything. Within an hour the anxiety was gone.

I have since committed to living a healthy, natural lifestyle and the healing stones are a large part of that. I have researched many different stones and crystals and their different properties that help with a wide range of issues. Where I once believed in the power of pills to heal me, I now believe in the power of stones. Because the healing stones have helped me so much, I want to help others experience this benefit.

Visit Steven and Sandro at the Metaphysical Market, visit their etsy shop  or find them on facebook- believe in the magick

FRED TINA Fred Maerkle, Zentastic Wellness & Tina Marquis Hernberg, Blue Sky Path To Balance will be working in tandem at the Metaphysical Market on June 22nd.

Fred is a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Master, Certified Biofield Tuning practitioner, and Tibetan Singing Bowl Master Healer.

Tina Marquis Hernberg is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki ® Practitioner and a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

Together, the will be offering the following holistic treatments:
* Integrated Vibrational Sound Bodywork
* Biofield Tuning Chair Session
* Sinus Relief Session
* “Head & Shoulders” Chair Session

Feel free to contact Tina via email or on facebook @blueskypathtobalance

Fred can be reached online- , on facebook @zentasticwellness  or via email.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 2.40.21 PM Sarah May, Owner of Block21Prints, is also the artist behind these hand crafted gems.  She creates block prints from her own drawings that she then hand prints one at a time onto clothing- A true labor of love.

Her technique uses soft-cut linoleum and Permaset Aqua ink.

Sarah’s love of carving and printing, as well as spreading happiness, peace and good feelings, keeps her inspired to create new and innovative designs.

She also adores stickers and has turned her artwork into fashionable stickers using Sticker Mule.

In addition to running Block21Prints, she is a wife, a mom to two pretty cool kiddos and a full time public school art teacher.

Visit the Metaphysical Market in June and see Sarah’s designs for yourself. You can also find her online at Etsy and on facebook @block21prints

sabrina coolong Meet Sabrina Coolong, Soul Fire Psychic Readings, is a talented Intuitive Psychic Medium, who connects with her Guides to provide clarity to your current life situations as well as past events influencing your life today.

She will connect with her guides to view your past lives and provide guidance on how things from the past may be effecting your current life and help you to understand, heal or break free of behaviors linked from a past life.

Through the use of Oracle Cards, she can clarify what you need to know about your current life situations, what you need to heal from the past as well as what to focus on in order to create the future that is waiting for you.

Sabrina will be providing oracle card readings and past life readings at the Metaphysical Market. Contact her on facebook @soulfirepsychicreadings

marie Marie Marchesseault of Reiki Rejuvenation: Usui and Rainbow

Marie is a Reiki Master trained by William Lee Rand and an Angel and Rainbow Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner trained by Walter Luebeck of Germany. 

Marie teaches Rainbow Reiki and Angel classes and offers a wide array of treatment methods in her practice. 
With great excitement, Marie is hosting Walter Luebeck, world renown Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Author in Glastonbury, CT this July to teach Rainbow Reiki First and Second Degree, as well as his phenomenal new Wizard class.  This is a rare USA opportunity to learn and heal directly with this incredible world famous Grand Master of the Healing Arts.
Marie will be presenting Metaphysical Market in June- come learn about Rainbow Reiki and how this healing can help you in all aspects of your life! She will also be providing information about the very special Rainbow Reiki training with Walter Luebeck in July.
Contact Marie at for further information, or visit her on facebook- Reiki Rejuvenation: Usui and Rainbow

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 9.34.06 AM Betsy Ruiz, Readings by B, is an Angel & Tarot card reader who has the ability to tap into energy systems to touch on important details from past, present and future events; enabling her to provide her clients with useful information so that they can reach their highest and best potential. Her ability to intuitively travel through one’s life timelines allows for greater clarity to present situations, healing past trauma and choosing rightly for future direction.

Visit B at Metaphysical Market on June 22nd. You can also find her at in Vernon, on facebook Bee Ruiz or contact her on her website

readings by melinda Melinda Urquizu, Readings by Melinda, is a Psychic/Medium/Intuitive. Melinda utilizes Angel or Tarot cards in her readings. Her readings will help you gain insight on life decisions. She connects to your Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones. She believes it is her job to help heal, empower, and inspire/motive you to make right decisions in your life. She will not tell you what to do, she will tell you what to look out for! The rest is up to you!!

Visit Melinda at Metaphysical Market on June 22nd, at in Vernon or online

autumn blackwood Reverend Autumn Blackwood graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in December 2018 with certifications in Life Coaching; Spiritual Guidance Coaching; and Mindfulness & Guided Imagery Facilitation.

She was ordained by the Universal Brotherhood Movement in March 2019. She is currently training to become a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition and is starting Celtic Reiki and Faery Doctoring training in Summer 2019. She has been a professional tarot reader for 8 years.
Reverend Autumn will be leading an EFT circle, as well as opening and closing ceremonies at Metaphysical Market in June. You can find her at where she works with women to become more confident so that they can break out of societal molds or on facebook The Untamed Priestess.

belgin pic Belgin Brown, Healthy Healing Hands is a Reiki Master who utilizes her empath and psychic abilities to provide a mind body and soul healing to all of her clients. Belgin incorporates Angel Cards into her healing sessions to provide additional guidance to promote clarity for the healing journey of her clients.

Visit Belgin at the Metaphysical Market on June 22nd where she will be providing mini Reiki Healing sessions or on facebook Healthy Healing Hands.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 2.19.12 PM Denise Cassella of Stairway to Healing Light LLC, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Sound Healer, Shaman, Angelic & Spiritual Guide Intuitive and Medical Qigong Associate Instructor. She is a direct descendant of Pope John 23rd and is 1/8 Native American Cherokee. Denise is able to connect to the Angelic Realm as well as the Native American Spirit. Her Shamanic abilities channel the Narragansett Indian Chief White Cloud as well as spirit animals, song birds and various other Spirit sources. She is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister in the Order of Melchizedek performing Weddings and Spiritual guidance.

Stairway to Healing Light’s services work with you to find alternative ways to balance your energy, find clarity in your daily life and learn how to relax into peace. Denise travels to your home so that you can receive these healing services where you are most comfortable.

She will be at the Metaphysical Market on June 22nd offering sound healing and will be available for discussion on any healing modality. You can also feel free to visit her website on facebook or call her to schedule your own private consultation- 860-965-6398

Check out page 9 in yesterday’s Hartford Courant- CTNOW to read more about Stairway to Healing Light as they were just featured!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 2.18.21 PM Jen Acuna is the founder of Loafing Around LLC a boutique bakery business located in Hartford, CT. Jen is a member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America. She supplies local cafes and coffee shops with quality baked goods derived from premium organic flour. The individual loaves of sourdough available for retail include heritage or heirloom grain which Jen mills herself. Her approach to bread baking is that of a visual artist, painting her dough canvas with a variety of spices, grains, meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Jen’s mission for Loafing Around is simple- to offer products that focus on healthy, unique, delicious and compassionate food for the discerning palate. Every product is created with a dash of creativity whisked with the finest ingredients- creating food which brings the heart of community together.

Jen will be at the Metaphysical Market offering both fig and olive vegan sourdough and brownies! You can also find out more about Loafing around online

snow bruno  Snow Bruno, founder of Crossing the Veil Paranormal Society, is a hereditary grey witch, psychic and empath as well as an energy healer.  She was born into a very gifted family and could see, speak and hear the dead from a very young age.

Snow has worked in the paranormal field since she was 12 years old and communicates with the dead to not only assist them, but to help the living as well.

Snow will be doing energy/crystal healing at the Metaphysical Marketplace and will also have many different and unique items for sale that she and her daughter have made to help people.

Find out more about Crossing the Veil by visiting them online-  or on facebook- @crossingtheveilparanormalteam